Offering a full spectrum of quality services across the property life cycle, the implementation of our unique and cutting edge business model provides a competitive advantage for every one of our clients. We go beyond bricks and cement, through design, community engagement and customer service to create places where people will be proud to live or invest in. Goldwyne consult is a dynamic property company born from the motivation to create a property industry leader offering clients a holistic property service. Goldwyne consult is taking the Mombasa property industry in a new direction by employing state-of-the art technology whilst maintaining the human touch element. Clients can choose from an array of services from rental, management to property evaluations, architectural consultancy and design, property consultation and finance.

Using our ability to unlock the potential within properties and places, we provide new and better ways for landlords to connect with customers. The environments we create and manage aim to enable occupiers to increase their stay lowering the times that the property will be vacant, grow sales and offer a great leisure experience.

We work to spot, unlock and maximize the potential of properties. We look for opportunities to move properties up the rental hierarchy but maintaining fair prices through proactive property management improvements such as refurbishment and reconfiguration. Our aim is to be the provider and partner of choice for landlords and tenants. We want to be recognized as a market leader in terms of service quality, customer focus, design and innovation.

To landlords we will pay your rent quarterly but the tenants will pay monthly. Get the maximum out of your property.

Lets revolutionaries the property market in Mombasa. Here are our services: