Architectural Designer

Lghalie Abdulhakim,is the assistant chief architect of Goldwyne Consult.Her passionate eye for creativity, personality and art brought about her being an architect. She has a sole responsibility for making sure that all drawings are upto standard and of high quality. With the help of the project management team, she has a vital role of making sure that projects administered to the team are in conjunction with whatever she has drawn and approved.

She is a firm believer of unlocking all charms of creativity and thus making her outstanding.  With a growing base of need in the architectural and construction market, she adheres and conforms to all aspects involved thereof. She is a team player;results oriented and encourages positive vibes only.

Her golden four years of progressive experience in the architectural world, she has been able to design some of the best projects so far that have been successful to date. She has had the opportunity to work alongside Mr Paul Nyongesa and the late Mr Waziri of Technical University of Mombasa. Her best projects are Vipingo Beach Residential Beach House, Vescon Plaza Bamburi to mention a few.

Lghalie is a certified building and civil engineer and holds a higher diploma in architectural from Technical University of Mombasa.  This has brought about pioneering successful experiences that have served her as lessons. She is a dynamic individual and has contributed so much for the growth of the organization up to date.





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